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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bush's Border Baloney

By John W. Lillpop

From Baghdad to Arizona: Borders DO Matter!

Iraqi officials have apparently learned something that seems beyond the grasp of President George W. Bush.

Specifically, Lt. Gen. Abboud Gambar, Iraqi commander of Baghdad security, has announced that Iraq would close its borders with Syria and Iran.


What a concept!

Imagine that, actually taking action to keep enemies out during time of war. This could actually mean that Iraq is finally getting serious about defeating the insurgents, thereby bringing some civility to this hellhole.

But what about a guest worker program, Lt. Gen.? Don't you know that by putting too much "pressure " on the border, you will only exacerbate the inflow of enemies into your nation?

At least that is the theory of America's great intellect and war strategerist, George W. Bush.

Of course, the "Bush Doctrine" has lead to America being inundated with 30 million peasants from the Third World, but remember, "Family Values do not stop at the border."

And like the Third World criminals who have invaded America, the Syrian and Iranian thugs headed to Iraq are probably "good hearted, hard working" insurgents when you get to know them.

Here is more free, but invaluable, advise from the bully pulpit of George W. Bush:

Rather than securing your borders, why not create a guest worker program for all insurgents now in Iraq, and establish a program that allows insurgents in-waiting from Syria and Iran to come as guest workers?

Mind you, this is NOT amnesty! Never, ever, use the word amnesty when Bush double-talk will do.

Complete the Bushwacking of Iraq by giving all insurgents free education, health care, housing, food, and a path to immediate citizenship.

In short order, there will be more insurgents than Iraqi citizens in Iraq, but at least they will all be fed, educated, and healthy!

Whither "Family Values" of These Illegal Aliens?

President Bush's policy on illegal immigration can be summarized as follows:

Only "good hearted, hard working" people come here illegally, and they come only to do work that Americans refuse to do.

Throw in nonsensical statements like "Family Values do not stop at the Rio Grande," and "Not having a guest worker program puts too much pressure on the border" and you have the Bush Manifesto on the Mexican invasion in a nutshell.

You also have a policy so riddled with illogic that most pre-school children would be able to identify it for what it really is--recycled snake oil from an American president more concerned about corporate profit than he is about American citizens.

Mind you, nearly everyone can sympathize with the plight of poor Mexicans. They have been betrayed by the Mexican government, which chooses to dump their problems on the U.S. side of the border, rather than dealing with said problems using Mexican resources.

But a recent study reported that 40 percent of Mexico's residents would prefer to live in America.

How many additional scores of millions of uneducated, non-English speaking peasants can America take in? And at what point does America itself decay into a Third World cesspool?

Unfortunately, Mexico's ruling class has a willing accomplice in the person of George W. Bush who does not seem to give a damn about anything except killing Muslims in the Middle East and killing the American Dream for citizens here at home!

As to the mindless prattle about "Family Values," two recent stories contradict that foolishness rather emphatically.

Take the case of Albert Vidal Torres, of Ontario, California. This shining example of "Family Values" has been charged with sprinkling glass and other debris into Chinese vegetable dumplings that were shipped to markets throughout California.

Prosecutors also believe that Torres contaminated the dumplings with seeds, pebbles, and spit. Torres must have left his "Family Values," if he ever had any, at the Rio Grande.

And, yes, Albert Vidal Torres, is an illegal alien. This Third World monster should not have even been in the United States to begin with.

Go here:

Then we have the story of Jason Okon, a three-year Army veteran who was awarded a Bronze Star for valor in Iraq. This genuine American hero recently returned from Iraq and was in the process of making a new life for himself.

Okon's plans for pursuing the American Dream were abruptly halted by
Armando Martinez-Lozano. According to Okon's wife, Jason was doing some yard work when Martinez-Lozano approached Jason with a knife and said something to him in Spanish.

When Okon told Martinez-Lozano to leave, the other man allegedly stabbed Okon in the stomach and ran away. Okon was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital, where he remains in the intensive care unit. He is comatose and on a ventilator.

Martinez-Lozano was arrested by police and jailed on charges of aggravated assault against Okon and the three officers who arrested him.

As with Torres, Armando Martinez-Lozano is an illegal alien.

Go here:

Yet another Third World thug who was able to assault an American hero because George W. Bush does not want to apply too much "pressure" on our borders.

Albert Vidal Torres and Armando Martinez-Lozano are not statistical aberrations. In fact, illegal aliens kill 12 Americans a day through murders, drunken driving, and other violent crimes.

Illegal aliens are "good hearted, hard working" folks whose "Family Values" are as American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. Right?

Perhaps our president needs to educate himself as to the likes of Albert Vidal Torres and Armando Martinez-Lozano.

Or does George W. Bush just not care?

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal, "clean and sober" since 1992 when last he voted for a Democrat. Pray for John: He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people like Nancy Pelosi are considered reasonable!


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