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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stupid Protest Marches: A Mexican Cultural Thang?

By John W. Lillpop

With the threat of even more marches by illegal aliens on the docket this week, it is prudent to remember that in April and May of 2006, the entire world was witness to one of the most remarkable displays of human stupidity imaginable:

Millions of illegal aliens from Mexico marched through American cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas etc. to DEMAND citizenship and all benefits accruing thereto.

Many were even foolish enough to carry the Mexican flag and signs reading 'Yes we Can," in Spanish.

Keep in mind we are talking about criminals who, by law, should have been rounded up and kicked out of the country.

These are people with absolutely no legal or moral standing in the U.S., but who cost American taxpayers upwards of $100 billion per year in public services to which they are not entitled!

Yes, these criminals took to American streets to demand citizenship and to protest legislation passed by duly elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Unbelievable stupidity!

Only in America, right?

Well, not quite.

Third world Mexico held a national election in July 2006, a very close race between Lopez Obrador, a liberal leftist, and Felipe Calderon, supposedly a conservative.

Obrador and Calderon had been neck and neck in the polls, but Calderon won on election day.

And how did Obrador supporters handle defeat?

In a very Mexican way: Hundreds of thousands invaded the streets to protest election results and to charge fraud. They essentially refused to accept election results.

Think back to 2000 and one of the most gut-wrenching and difficult presidential elections in American history. It took several weeks and intervention by the highest court in the land before the matter was finally settled.

And how did U.S. Democrats handle this most bitter defeat? How many took to the streets to protest?

The good news is that even the most irresponsible, whacked-out Democrat is far more bright and sophisticated than most Mexicans, whether the Mexican is in America illegally or stuck in that 3rd-world cesspool called home.

There was, and still is, much political rancor and bitterness from Democrats about 2000. But there have been no idiotic street marches or threats of violence.

One cannot help but wonder why Mexican protesters do not simply write, call, fax or email to make their opinions known, rather than engaging in mindless and childish adventures on the streets?

The answer: Because that would require literacy, a commodity apparently in very short supply in the protest marcher community.

Perhaps the "Yes, We Can" refrain should be updated to a more realistic

"GD it, No You Can't!"


John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are we trying to appease these criminals. Yes. They are CRIMINALS.
If you and I enter into somebody's house without permission, we can be shot, prosecuted and jailed. Why can't we do this to these bunch of illegal aliens. Their faces are all over the television. Can the Immigration service do anything about it? Wait a minute, what am I thinking. They are the illegal's allies.

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, ENOUGH with this pussy shit. "Oh, lets round them up and deport them." NO fuck that!! Lets round them up and shoot them all in the head. That way they can NEVER come back. This will also send a little message to any other beaner cocksuckers that are thinking about running across the border. I don't even care if they say they will go back to mexico willingly. TOO BAD you had your chance now finish digging that hole so I can blow your head off, watch your corpse fall into it, and then piss on your beaner corpse. FUCK ALL OF THEM. Lets take their 19 welfare babies and smash there heads into the walls. FUCK THEM!!! The time for acting like pussies is fucking OVER!!!

11:34 AM  

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