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Sunday, October 07, 2007

More Vital to U.S. History: Columbus Day or Cesar Chavez' Birthday?

By John W. Lillpop

Racism is an insidious monster, regardless of it's origin or target.

It is important to note that this monster can be manifested in unwarranted "pro" sentiments that are just as toxic as "anti" feelings. In either case, the objective is to elevate one's race above others based solely on race.

Example: Take Blanca Alvarado (please!). This Santa Clara County Supervisor once thought it made perfect sense to abandon Columbus Day just to make room for the birthday of Cesar Chavez!

Talk about blatant racism! Clearly, this proposal was based on Alvarado's Hispanic racism and her desire to supplant an all-American holiday with a day that would elevate a fellow Hispanic.

Alvarado's assault on Italians and American history was apparently inspired by a comment from fellow nit wit supe Liz Kniss who said, "On this particular coast, it (Columbus Day) doesn't seem to have great relevance."


With all due respect to Alvarado and Kniss, the birthday of Cesar Chavez is irrelevant to most people, excepting those who are able to milk the day for some undeserved, but paid, time off.

In any event, October 8 is still celebrated as Columbus Day in most of America. The post office, banks, and other government offices are mostly closed to honor Christopher Columbus for his wonderful discovery.

For those Hispanics like Blanca Alvarado who feel disenfranchised by Columbus Day, there is some good news.

Most vineyards are OPEN on October 8, and the grapes are ripe for picking or stomping, depending on one's progress in anger management!

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.