Illegal Aliens Must Go!

America was built by Immigrants--LEGAL immigrants. Illegal aliens have no legal or moral basis for being in America. All illegal aliens must be deported and U.S. borders must be secured to prevent more invaders from coming here!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Elitists Prefer Slave Labor Over Homeland Security

By John Lillpop

George W. Bush, for reasons known only to his therapist and pet snake, has spent much of the last seven plus years working as a mole for the Mexican government, rather than serving the American people as our President.

During his two terms, Dubya's number one objective seems to have been to import enough illegal aliens so that, by comparison, his pitiful English does not sound so atrocious.

Regrettably, plans to destroy America are not an obsession with only George W. Bush. Indeed, both of the major party candidates for president are squarely on the wrong side of this critical issue.

Liberals salivate at the prospect of 38 million new instant Democrats to replace educated Americans too bright to remain puppets of the left.

Profit-driven corporations with little or no concern for homeland security, American sovereignty, rule of law, and preservation of our language and culture, are also eager to legalize millions of peasants who will work for below-minimum wage and without benefits.

Of course, elitists like Bush, John McCain, and Barack Obama and their cronies in big business can dismiss concerns about the "Mexicanization" of America because their families will be isolated from the devastation.

Elitists' children will attend private schools free from the hordes of non-English speaking invaders who impede the instruction of real American students.

Learners in the Obama family will be exposed to foreign languages, but it will more likely be French than Spanish.

Elitists' homes will be in upscale residential areas where invaders cut lawns and scrub toilets. Having served their elitist clients, invaders return to barrio slums and tiny apartments shared by multiple families.

The lawns of estates in the Bush neighborhood will not be cluttered with a half-dozen broken down cars, tended to by beer guzzling criminals screaming obscenities in Mexican.

Elitists' churches and other places of worship will remain segregated by neighborhood and wealth. The only invaders Hillary Clinton is likely to encounter at her place of worship are janitors who dust the pews and clean the baptismal font.

In other words, to out-of-touch elitists like George Bush, greedy business people, and Democrats, the deterioration of America will be virtually invisible.

However, for what remains of America's middle and lower classes, the Mexicanization of America will mean an abrupt and bitter end to the American Dream.

Liberal spin-doctors will even try to sell the ruination of America as a good thing because, according to the socialist's pledge of allegiance, "Diversity is our greatest strength!"

What hope is there if elitists in power cannot or will not understand the stupidity of open borders and amnesty?

Elitists must not be allowed to ruin our great heritage and culture for cheap labor, cheap votes, or other bizarre socialist schemes that would end the American dream for hundreds of millions of citizens who deserve much better!