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Monday, February 02, 2009

Mexican Government Admits What Many in U.S. Refuse to Accept: English-Proficiency Is Vital!

By John W. Lillpop

Far too many Hispanics in America have refused to learn English, preferring instead to retain their "cultural identify" by speaking and writing only Spanish.
As a result, American taxpayers have been forced (by irresponsible leftist bureaucrats) to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to print ballots, DMV instructions and tests, and other public information in Spanish.

Hispanics and misguided liberals make the insane argument that English is not necessary in order to be successful in America. President Obama even entered the fray by advising Americans to learn Spanish!

Notwithstanding our wrong minded president and Hispanics stuck in the 18th century, the case for English is being successfully made in Mexico.


As reported in the Houston Chronicle, in part, at Reference 1:

"CIUDAD VICTORIA, Mexico — With its economy increasingly hitched to the United States, Mexico’s government has launched an ambitious plan to teach English to every schoolchild, even those in kindergarten.

Currently, educators in 21 states and the Federal District are offering the language in a smattering of elementary schools and experimenting with teaching methods. Beginning next fall, 5,000 schools will begin a pilot project with federal textbooks and funds. And within just six years, federal officials hope to have all 12 million public elementary school students learning English.

“The ability to speak English in the 21st century is a must if we want to insert ourselves in the global economy, improve our standard of living or simply live as happier human beings,” said Fernando Gonzalez, the federal official in charge of public education through ninth grade."

How is it that Fernando Gonzalez of Mexico can see the obvious when our brilliant liberal president and millions of Hispanics are utterly clue less when it comes to this issue?

Reference 1: