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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Want to Fix Mexico? Move Hollywood Leftists There!

by John W. Lillpop

Susan Sarandon, Hollywood's dumbbell version of Nancy Pelosi, stunned the civilized world last summer with a proposal so brilliant one wonders why it has not surfaced before:

Sarandon wants the United States to build schools in Mexico. At U.S.-taxpayer expense, of course.

According to Sarandon, such a move would do more to end illegal immigration than constructing a fence at the border because it would bring Mexican children the gift of education.

Forget the fact that building new schools in Mexico will not stop good-hearted, hard-working people just looking for a better life from invading America.

Sarandon's proposal is super-wacky because it would make American taxpayers responsible for fixing problems rightfully belonging to the Mexican people.

Problems that should be addressed by the corrupt and rotten Mexican government.

Until Mexico installs honorable people of integrity into positions of leadership, the U.S. must use whatever means (including military force) necessary to keep people like Felipe Calderon from dumping Mexico's problems on the U.S. side of the border.

Misery loves company, but downgrading America into a 3rd-world slum on a par with Mexico will only serve to make liberals like Sarandon feel better. It most certainly will not fix the problem.

But perhaps there is another solution that would ease liberal guilt without costing taxpayers hundreds of billions.

Namely: Move Hollywood ---the motion picture industry, the elitist stars, the anti-America crowd-- the whole enchilada to Mexico, en masse.

What a boon it would be to the Mexican economy to have all those rich, famous liberals in their very midst.

A billion-dollar movie industry could be just what the doc ordered for our 3rd-world neighbor.

And if it turns out that the trickle down effect from the Hollywood-Mex venture does not quite boost the economy enough, Mexico's government could always tax the living hell out of the brightest stars, and seize the huge mansions such stars would surely build once in Mexico.

Compassionate liberals like Sarandon, obsessed with ending Mexican poverty, would surely be willing to give whatever part of their personal fortunes might be needed to achieve such a noble cause.

For the little people of Mexico.

And if the redistribution of Hollywood wealth still fails to seal the deal, Father Mahoney and others of like mind in the Catholic clergy might be persuaded to join forces with the Hollywood elite by moving to Mexico as well.

After all, Father Mahoney is always looking for an opportunity to stamp out poverty.

Moving to Mexico would provide the Father and his ilk with an unlimited and immediate source of people to help---or, "fleece?"


John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm from Hollywood, and a Liberal. I will be DAMNED if we spend one more red penny for these parasitic leeches. Our school system in LA has be DECIMATED!

You must drive with the fear of death as the streets are filled with ignorant, dangerous driving illegal aliens from Mexico, Russia, Persia, Armenia, S.Korea, Vietnam, China you name long as it's from a THIRD WORLD.

I am sick to death of hearing these RICH WHITE (guilt) slave loving Americans standing up for the "poor criminal illegal alien gangs, child molesters, thieves, rapists" that fill the LA crime blotter day after day.

We working class/X Middle Class are so ANGRY, FED UP we are at a boiling point.

12:06 PM  

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