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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Liberals Now Practice Fraud on Floor of U.S. House

By John W. Lillpop

Democrats have a long and storied history of using voter fraud to steal elections from the American people.

From the 1962 presidential election in which Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago miraculously brought deceased voters back to life long enough to vote for John F. Kennedy, to the illegal aliens that gifted Democrat Loretta Sanchez with a seat in the U.S. House in 1996, fraud has been an essential weapon in the liberal bag of electoral tricks.

In fact, without voter fraud, Democrats would fail miserably in most elections. Which is why the party aggressively recruits votes from among the dead, non-citizens, and felons. The sinister admonition to "Vote Early and Often!" originated with Democrats who value political power more than democratic principle.

But under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat party has taken political corruption to a new low. The party now practices fraud on the floor of the U.S. House.

This chicanery came to light Thursday evening during a vote on a GOP amendment that would have banned housing assistance and food stamps for illegal aliens.

When it appeared that GOP amendment had passed 215-213, leftist thugs in charge of the House quickly decided that fraud was the only way to win the day.

Thus Rep. Michael R. McNulty (D-N.Y.) misused the speaker's gavel and used other sleights of hand to manipulate the vote. Shortly thereafter, McNulty and other Democrat party leaders announced that the GOP amendment had failed.

Once again, liberals chose to advance the interests of illegal aliens over those of the American people, this time by using fraud on the floor of the U.S. House.

To their credit, about 100 Republican House members decided that the fascist tactics practiced by the majority were intolerable, so those members did the honorable thing by walking off the floor in protest.

While Nancy Pelosi is not known for her intellectual acumen or common sense, manipulating the vote on the floor of the House is unimaginably stupid, even for Pelosi. Such unprecedented stupidity and arrogance should cause Pelosi and her clan of outlaw liberals to be removed immediately from office and held accountable for criminal malfeasance.

Just how naive and shallow is Speaker Pelosi? Consider her comment about the voting incident in the House:

"They (Republicans) have just been deluged by the success of the Democrats on behalf of the American people," Pelosi said, in charging Republicans with obstructionism.

Where in the world does Speaker Pelosi find "success" by the Democrats?

In a recent poll, the American people gave congress a 3% approval rating for their performance on the war in Iraq, and equally dismal ratings overall. In fact, the Democrat Congress has a lower approval rating than George W. Bush!

Is that what this muddle-brained leftist from San Francisco calls "success"?

Nancy Pelosi's "new direction" for America: Thanks, but no thanks!

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.