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America was built by Immigrants--LEGAL immigrants. Illegal aliens have no legal or moral basis for being in America. All illegal aliens must be deported and U.S. borders must be secured to prevent more invaders from coming here!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mexican Senate Joins Elvira Arrellano Against American Rule of Law

By John W. Lillpop

Proving once again that Mexico is home to the dumbest, most lame brained politicians in the entire world, the Mexican senate decided last week to join forces with deposed felon Elvira Arrellano in her mindless battle against justice in America.

For those who have been vacationing outside our universe for the past several months, Elvira Arrellano is an immoral Mexican criminal who invaded America in 1997 and who was ordered by the courts to leave America several years ago.

How much of a low-life is the despicable Elvira Arrellano?

Consider this. This sub-human garbage disposal with a uterus hid behind her own child inside a church just to avoid justice for her felony crimes.

Shielded from justifiable deportation for well over a year, Arrellano decided to trot off to Hollywood to strut her stuff before the assembled masses of illegal aliens residing in Los Angeles.

Being the dunderhead that she is, Arrellano set herself up for an arrest by ICE and immediate removal from American soil.

And that is exactly what came down as ICE arrested the corrupt Arrellano around 4 PM on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a picture perfect day for deporting criminals!

Within a matter of hours, American ICE agents had jettisoned this worthless bag lady back to Mexico, home to more worthless criminals than one cares to contemplate.

Still, it is better that the tramps are in Mexico, rather than here.

The quick removal of Elvira Arrellano advanced the United States one tramp closer to that spiritual objective last weekend.

Once she was back in her beloved third world Mexico, Arrellano made a much-publicized appearance before the Mexican senate. This publicity stunt gave her a forum from which to make an impassioned plea for help in her campaign to force the United Sates government to forsake rule of law, border security, and, most especially, deportation of unwelcome criminals back to Mexico.

Mind you, Arrellano had originally planned to make this pitch to the United States senate, but after hearing democrat traitors like Barack Obama pander to the illegal alien community, Arrellano decided to save her lies and fraud for presentation to the Mexican senate.

The main thesis behind Arrellano's argument is actually quite comical and could be terrific material for a future George Lopez sitcom. The tortured illogic goes something like this:

"America's immigration system is broken. As a result, any Latino who decides to move to America is perfectly justified in doing so by simply ignoring U.S. borders and laws!"

The "Arrellano Guide to Invasion" limits this option to Latinos, and conspicuously fails to take note of the fact that she and millions of other renegade criminals from Mexico are responsible for causing our laws to be broken!

Of course, the Mexican senate immediately agreed with the addle-brained Arrellano.

Indeed, several Mexican 'law breakers' called on President Felipe Calderon to
lodge a stern complaint with United States officials to protest the return of Elvira Arrellano back to Mexico.

When one considers the person that is Elvira Arrellano, it is quite understandable that even third world Mexicans do not want this creep in their midst!

But although one can appreciate why Elvira Arrellano is unwelcome even in Mexico, there is zero sympathy in these quarters for her type.

Elvira Arrellano is in Mexico--- and that is exactly where she belongs!

Immediately after making Arrellano into a saint and cherished martyr, Mexico's deliberative body took up the issue of Saul Arrellano.

Saul is the eight-year-old young man with the incredibly bad karma to have been born to Elvira Arrellano.

Young Saul is also the foundation for another absurd Mexican argument, which holds that deportations are wrong because they separate families.

The problem with that notion is two fold: To begin with, Arrellano, being the promiscuous alley cat that she is, does not even know who sired young Saul.

All that Saul knows about his father is that he is an illiterate Mexican illegal with wretchedly poor taste in women!

Some commitment to "united families," say what?

The second and just as lethal problem is that Arrellano was free to take Saul with her back to Mexico.

Had Arrellano chosen to do so, Saul would have been with his corrupt mother without jeopardizing his U.S. citizenship, which can always be executed at a more suitable time later in the young man's life.

But being with 'family' was apparently not all that vital to Elvira Arrellano.

Again, some commitment to "united families," say what?

As to the Mexican senate and it's meddling in the business of the United States, our government needs to send the following message to these losers:

"Rather than wasting their time trying to make America into a third world cesspool like Mexico, Mexico's politicians need to devote their time and energies to ending corruption, graft, and greed within their homeland.

By doing so, this pathetic nation might someday actually be able to feed, house, clothe, and provide health care for it's own citizens, rather than dumping tens of millions of peasants on the American side of the border!"

Do you suppose Dubya Bush can be counted on to send this sort of message to his buddies in Mexico?