Illegal Aliens Must Go!

America was built by Immigrants--LEGAL immigrants. Illegal aliens have no legal or moral basis for being in America. All illegal aliens must be deported and U.S. borders must be secured to prevent more invaders from coming here!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

GOP Plans to End Illegal Immigration Flawed

By John W. Lillpop

Isn't it swell to have presidential candidates engaged in no-holds barred, full-scale food fights to see who can sound the toughest on illegal aliens? That is actually happening with the Republicans--sort of.

Fred Thompson began the bidding on Tuesday; Rudy Giuliani countered with his plan on Wednesday.

Both Thompson and Giuliani tried to sound tough and patriotic without confronting a critical part of the solution: Reversing illegal immigration by deporting the 38 million criminals who have invaded America.

Without a rigid program of enforced deportations, illegal aliens will continue to come, confident that the U.S. government will eventually reward their criminal acts with a path to citizenship.

That is not what America wants or needs, gentlemen.

America needs an aggressive program of deportations that accomplishes three primary objectives:

-Makes life as miserable as possible for illegals already here, thereby prompting mass self deportations;

-Sends a message to other would be invaders: Don't bother. Uncle Sam has finally caught on to the scam, and

-Makes homeland security and protection of American citizens the greatest priority when it comes to immigration policy.

Naysayers will instantly moan and groan that it is "impossible" to deport 38 million people.


How in the hell did the free loaders and scam artists get here to begin with? Channeled across the border by Democrats looking for votes? Or perhaps big business relied on alien abductions in order to meet its needs for slave labor?


The invaders came individually, one by one, walking on their own two encroaching feet.

Note, please, that the uneducated, non-English speaking, impoverished peasants did not think that it was impossible to invade the greatest power on the face of the Earth.

So why in the world should that awesome power conclude that it is impossible to reverse the flow and send the criminals home?

The answer, of course, is commitment.

With 'conservatives' like George W. Bush and John McCain leading the charge, those who advocate rule of law and American sovereignty are accused of being racists and bigots, for heaven's sake.

More rubbish!

It is not necessary to root out the cancer of illegal aliens in one fell swoop. A reasonable and orderly procedure should be undertaken, and soon self-deportations will commence.

Once the world is witness to the fact that America is serious about our sovereignty and the rule of law, Mexico will be forced to deal responsibly with it's problems, rather than simply shoving those problems north across the U.S. border.

Securing the border is a vital and major priority. But the job will not be complete until the invaders already here are forced to go home!