Illegal Aliens Must Go!

America was built by Immigrants--LEGAL immigrants. Illegal aliens have no legal or moral basis for being in America. All illegal aliens must be deported and U.S. borders must be secured to prevent more invaders from coming here!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Worthy Resolution for 2008: Give Rule of Law a Chance!

By John W. Lillpop

The year about to be relegated to the annals of history bore witness to a profound awakening of the American people. In great numbers, We The People finally became aware of the fact that our elected officials have allowed as many as 38 million foreign peasants to thumb their noses at our borders, ignore our immigration laws, and occupy our nation.

With the awakening came action. On multiple occasions, President George W. Bush and accomplices in the Congress attempted to grant carte blanche amnesty to millions of invaders from south of our borders.

On each occasion, We The People rose to the occasion and went to war against conniving politicians whose first priority was to deliver a steady flow of cheap labor to big business and cheap votes to the Democrat party.

Using an arsenal of keyboards, high speed modems, fax machines, and tens of thousands of angry telephone calls, we let it be known that the priorities established by President Bush and the U.S. Congress were completely unacceptable.

We The People bombarded our elected representatives with the same message over and over and over again: It is not acceptable to sacrifice American sovereignty, the rule of law, and homeland security for cheap fruit and tomatoes.

Further, any "reform" that does not call for deportation of all illegal aliens, and which places the invaders on a path to citizenship, is amnesty. Pure and simple.

Amnesty is unacceptable. Pure and simple.

The people's rejection of amnesty has elitists in Washington wringing their hands in angst at what to do next. The status quo, they say, is unacceptable.

They are quite right about that, you know.

But America does NOT need to legalize 38 illegal aliens in order to solve the illegal alien crisis.

Existing laws, while not perfect, provide a more than adequate remedy. Those laws prohibit U.S. employers from hiring illegal aliens and mandate deportation of those here illegally.

All that is lacking is a commitment on the part of the president and the U.S. Congress to uphold their constitutional responsibilities.

Why not try this simple formula?

* Secure the borders with military force;

* Prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens, and

* Enforce all immigration laws, including deportations.

Our elected officials need to focus on the needs of the American people, rather than worrying about invading criminals being forced to "live in the shadows."

To hell with people living in shadows! Illegal aliens do not have any moral or legal basis for being here, and belong in the shadows, at least until our leaders muster enough cajones to deport them en masse.

Or, to put the issue in terms even an open borders advocate could understand, "Give Rule of Law a Chance!"

Why not make that a New Year's Resolution Mr. President and Ladies and Gentlemen of the U.S. Congress?