Illegal Aliens Must Go!

America was built by Immigrants--LEGAL immigrants. Illegal aliens have no legal or moral basis for being in America. All illegal aliens must be deported and U.S. borders must be secured to prevent more invaders from coming here!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why Not Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens?

By John W. Lillpop

When it comes to pushing really stupid ideas, California state Senator Gilbert Cedillo is the Everready Bunny of demented politics.

For years, Cedillo has worked tirelessly trying to get California to grant drivers' licenses to invading criminals, most of whom share Cedillo's Hispanic ethnicity.

Only once, during the term of Governor Gray Davis, did the Cedillo annual assault on common sense actually become law.

Even then, the new law was short-lived because California voters wisely decided that Gray Davis was lacking sufficient Grey Matter to run the state; Davis was recalled, and voters installed Arnold Schwarzenegger in his place.

The Terminator quickly terminated the Cedillo folly, and the rest is history.

But what if Cedillo was actually right? Perhaps illegal aliens do deserve driver's licenses and a whole lot more?

Come to think of it, perhaps American taxpayers should be forced to give every illegal alien:

* A 3,500 square foot home located on 160 acres, title free and clear, and with a permanent exemption from property taxes?

* Free education at the university of his or her choice, including room and board, tuition, books and class materials? With no need to pass entrance exams or prove academic worthiness?

* At least two new SUVs per household and more as needed to assure upward mobility for all family members?

* Lifetime medical and dental care, free of charge?

* Free food and clothing?

* The latest and most sophisticated computing equipment and software available, including high-speed Internet connections?

* A laptop for every illegal lap?

* An annual all-expenses paid 30-day vacation to Mexico, including round trip fare and $5,500 petty cash?

* A free path to citizenship, including all immigration fees and attorney costs?

And why not go all out to make illegal aliens really feel comfortable?

Why not redo the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights in Spanish, amended as appropriate to assure full protection of illegal aliens as the largest and most vulnerable group of victims in America?

Why not require that all business transacted in the House and Senate be in Spanish?

Why not make Cinco de Mayo a national holiday and drop Independence Day (July 4th) in order to keep spending in line?

Why not move Washington, D.C. to Tijuana, Mexico, which is, after all, a more appropriate venue for a House (and Senate) of ill repute?

Bottom Line: Why not just step aside and let Mexican invaders re-make America into Mexico north?

That may be the only way to stop the invasion, because once America has decayed to a third-world sister of Mexico, invaders will have no reason to come here.

At that happy day, it will be more cost effective for freeloaders and scam artists to simply stay squatted in Mexico!

Brilliant strategery for ending illegal immigration, say what?