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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Bush Legacy? Don't Ask, Don't Tell!

By John W. Lillpop

Barring any major unexpected turn of events, one year from now George W. Bush will be off the federal payroll and in the private sector. As such, Bush will be more of a Washington outsider than he is now.

Once he is no longer encumbered with concerns over an unwarranted war that he started, or the huge federal debt he created, or any of his other failures that will leave America in shambles, private citizen George W. Bush will probably work full time to rewrite history in his favor.

In other words, Bush will try desperately to transform a resume of failure into a legacy of success.

If truth is allowed at all in the future, the Bush legacy will include the following history:

* Incompetent handling of WMD intelligence, leading to invasion of Iraq

* Inept management of the Iraq war.

* Attempted sale of port management to nation with strong terrorist ties

* Unsecured borders during time of war.

* Unopposed invasion of America by millions of additional illegal aliens.

* Armed incursion by Mexican officials into America, also unopposed

* Massive new entitlement (prescription drugs), costing trillions of dollars

* Huge federal debt

* Bungling of federal response to Katrina.

* Sub-prime loan crisis, massive foreclosures, possible recession

* Nomination of Harriet Miers to U.S. Supreme Court

* Democrat majorities in both chambers: Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid

* Garbled, mostly unintelligible communications with the American people.

All in all, the Bush Legacy will be best described by a term from the Clinton era: Don't ask, don't tell!