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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Invading Mexicans Run Over, Kill BP Agent: Where Are the Marines?

By John W. Lillpop

In one of the most blatant and outrageous acts in the undeclared war that Mexico is waging against America, Mexican invaders ran down and killed a brave Border Patrol agent who was simply doing his job at the Yuma Sector.

Repeat: Mexican invaders ran down and killed a BP agent and then raced back across the border into Mexico.

Under better times, American could count on the president to respond immediately against the offending nation with a formal protest, and perhaps even military action.

Unfortunately, these are not good times when it comes to America's homeland security. That is so because we are encumbered with a retarded alcoholic in the Oval Office, a president who will spend as much as $2 trillion fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but who will do next to nothing to secure our own borders.

If our president were not on the payroll of the Mexican government, he would have immediately sent the U.S. Marines to seal off the border. The Pentagon would have been ordered to develop plans for invading Mexico City and taking control of the Mexican government.

The clear objective would have been to end the unlawful invasion of America by driving the Mexican border southward. Within ten feet of Guatemala would have been the goal.

So what did Dubya do in response to the latest deadly attack on the U.S. Border patrol by Mexico? He sent in Michael Chertoff, alleged to be Director of Homeland Security.

Chertoff made the following comment, in part:

"Earlier today the Border Patrol lost a brave agent assigned to the Yuma Sector in a heinous act of violence. The agent was struck and killed while attempting to stop two vehicles believed to have illegally entered the country and were absconding back into Mexico.

"I am outraged by this tragic loss. I have spoken to the Mexican ambassador who gives me both his condolences and deep assurance that their government will be resolute in tracking down the perpetrators, and bringing them to swift justice.

"I'm insisting that the full force of the law be used in this investigation. Our Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are already on scene assisting the Border Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in this effort."

And on and on and on and on, Chertoff followed the PC script written to coddle the outlaw renegades who run the Mexican government.

If America had a responsible, sane, and intelligent commander-in-chief, that leader would have issued a statement something like this:

"Earlier today, Mexico continued its assault on America when a brave Border Patrol agent was run down and killed by invading criminals from Mexico.

"I have just finished speaking on the telephone with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and have advised him that we regard this latest incident as an act of war against the sovereign nation of America.

"I further advised President Calderon that Mexico has 24 hours in which to apprehend the killers and return them to America for prosecution. In the event that Mexico fails to meet this deadline, American special forces will be sent into Mexico to search down and arrest the criminals.

"President Calderon has also been informed that unless his government takes immediate action to prevent Mexican citizens from invading America, I shall reassign 75,000 troops from the middle east to the U.S.-Mexico border. These forces shall be ordered to use whatever force, including lethal, necessary to stop Mexican criminals from invading America.

"Finally, I warned the president that if Mexico is ultimately unable to control its population, American forces may, at my discretion, be sent into Mexico to take control of the Mexican government.

"I urge all Americans to remain calm and rest assured that your government is doing all we can to protect America from foreign invasion. That is our constitutional responsibility and we shall fulfill that obligation, with military force if need be.

Good night and
God Bless America, and to hell with Mexico!"

Wonder what the odds are of Dubya uttering those words?