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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

America Is No Better Than Mexico, Right?

By John W. Lillpop

In my scholarly dissertations about Mexico, I often use terms like third-world sewer, cesspool, disaster, or other unflattering hyperbole to describe our southern neighbor.

Mexican apologists protest my language by claiming that Mexican culture is equal to American culture. Some allegedly educated folk even suggest that in some ways Mexico is superior to our great United States.

Can you imagine, Mexico superior to the US? Has a more absurd notion ever been advanced?

To those who are in love with Mexico, my question is:

If Mexico is so damn wonderful, why do scores of millions of Mexicans risk life and limb to escape that wretched state by invading America?

If Mexico has so much to offer, why not stay there? Or go back?

Fact is, Mexico is a third-world sewer, cesspool, and disaster that cannot feed, house, educate, or provide medical care for its own people.

That is wonderful?

The latest proof that Mexico is a disaster comes from an article written by Michael Webster, which states, in part:

"Mexico's National Security Cabinet is holding an emergency meeting and is expected to declare a state of emergency. They will also discuss President Felipe Caldron’s current strategies against the Mexican war on drug cartels. Analysts say they expect the death toll nation wide among the security forces to climb, because the traffickers, under assault both from the government and rival gangs, believe they have nothing to lose."

In addition, the United States has issued a travel advisory to alert travelers of the unsafe conditions in Mexico.

Yet, to some, Mexico is equal or better than America?

Those who hold that belief should do the honorable thing by moving to Mexico. And take a couple of thousand illegal aliens with you, please!

Above all else, be careful. Do not drink the water, and do not tangle with Mexican gangs and drug cartels!