Illegal Aliens Must Go!

America was built by Immigrants--LEGAL immigrants. Illegal aliens have no legal or moral basis for being in America. All illegal aliens must be deported and U.S. borders must be secured to prevent more invaders from coming here!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Listen Up, Illegal Aliens: Don't Mess With Texas!

By John W. Lillpop

What a great week for the great state of Texas!

First it was illegal alien Jose Medellin who was whisked off to hell after receiving a lethal injection on Tuesday evening. From the time of injection until Medellin's worthless life was terminated, a grand total of nine minutes elapsed.

On Thursday evening, it was Heliberto Chi, a ruthless killer and illegal alien from Honduras who learned all about southern hospitality, Texas style, from the end of a needle. As was the case with Medellin, Chi lasted nine minutes before leaving this temporal existence.

Besides being a killer, Chi was clearly an idiot, a comedian, or both. This is so because among the killer's last words were these: ""God forgive them, receive my spirit."

For a murderous thug to paraphrase words uttered by Jesus Christ is blasphemy, an offense for which Chi should suffer excruciating, endless pain while being confined to the hottest fires of hell for eternity.

For those who support the death penalty, the reaction to Texas justice can be summed up in a single word: "NEXT!"

You go Texas!